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MCRC, one of the pioneers in Algal Biotechnology, has developed a technology to produce fuels from algae as an alternative to fossil fuels. Among the seven algal strains tested, an indigenous isolate, Botryococcus braunii was found to accumulate high lipid content (nearly 75% of its dry weight). Scale up of algal culturing techniques was developed to a maximum of 15 Litre capacity in sterile indoor laboratory conditions.

Algal Biofuel

Another green alga Scenedesmus sp. was found to be robust especially for outdoor large-scale cultivation in wastewaters. Currently, a viable technology for cultivation of Scenedesmus in sugar mill effluent at mass scale at EID Parry(I) Ltd., Nellikuppam, Cuddalore district on a continuous basis for biofuel application is being developed.

Algal Biofuel