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With rapid and intense industrialisation have come technological benefits to society as well as an adverse impact on the environment at large. Understanding the delicate balance required for sustainable technological development forms the backbone of MCRC's initiatives to conserve natural resources. The first step in such endeavours has been to identify key challenges and their numerous repercussions – unhealthy contaminated soil, threats to global food security, overuse and exhaustion of fossil fuels, climate change, depletion of water reserves, changing rainfall patterns and widespread loss of biodiversity.

MCRC, along with farmers, NGOs and supporting industries has been working towards providing safe implementing organic agricultural practises, drinking water solutions, effectively managing wastewater, pollution control and CO2 sequestration via biological routes. In collaboration with local communities from districts such as Sivaganga and Villupuram, the Centre has also initiated several tree plantation programs while providing training to farmers on zero-cost maintenance methods. In keeping with the "Go Green" concept, MCRC aims to continue promoting ecosystem resilience in response to climate change, whilst actively reducing its various causative agents.