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MCRC's research and extension activities are directed towards integrating environmental health, social & economic equity, with appropriate interventions that are designed to avoid the use of scarce capital and instead use readily available local resources and in the process improve the livelihoods of rural communities.

MCRC promotes sustainable agricultural practices which are simple, cost effective, use easily available local resources to improve livelihood of rural communities. Health improvement through affordable nutrition supplements.

Some of the innovative approaches MCRC concentrate are: Vitamin and mineral-rich nutritional foods, Micronutrient enriched safer agri-bio inputs like Fortified Panchagavya, Vitamate and Biochar.

From developing technologies to working on the ground with small and marginal farmers, the Centre attempts to effectively close the gap between lab and field to ensure full impact of all research activities reach the last mile.

Nutritional Supplements and Nutraceuticals