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Biodynamic (BD) farming is an advanced form of organic agriculture involving different manure preparations that add vitality to the plant, soil and/or livestock. This method of farming practice enhances plant penetration leading to the formation of a strong root system, stimulates photosynthetic activity, improves leaf erectness, water retention, soil fertility and helps reduce pest attack through appropriate soil management practices.

Biodynamic Farming

Two alternate field spray preparations of BD manure viz., BD 500, using mud pot manure replacing the conventional cow horn and BD 501, using locally available horn silica were developed. The manures produced through alternative methods were analyzed for their physico-chemical and microbiological properties. The BD manure were found to be rich in microbial population and among them few strains showed good antagonistic / biocontrol properties. A study was also carried out to identify alternative herbs for preparing BD 502 to BD 505, which revealed similar properties. More than 300 farmers have been trained on biodynamic manure in Tamil Nadu.

Biodynamic Farming