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Moringa is considered a "miracle food" due to its highest nutritional and medicinal properties. It contains more of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, highly digestible proteins and phytochemicals. Realizing the nutritional importance of Moringa, its intensive cultivation practices has been developed and the technology is being disseminated to rural areas as part of communities development programme.


The growth and yield attributes to nutritional properties of Moringa were studied and found that it is rich source of vitamin A, C and iron. Using moringa leaves many palatable recipe such as omlet, sambar and snacks like murukku tried in the past. Recently, different value added products such as dhal powder, idli podi, health mix, buttermilk, tea, soup, vadai and dosai batter have been tested, validated and developed. Awareness to rural community, especially women, on the importance and use of this herb as a source of vitamin A and iron was created.