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MCRC has pioneered the usage of blue-green alga Spirulina as a wholesome nutritional supplement as it is rich in proteins, β-carotene, phycocynanin, linolecic acid, vitamins and minerals. One of our significant research achievements includes the transition of Spirulina from a research idea in the laboratory to an applied technology in the form of a commercial food supplement for human beings. The world's largest human feeding trial with Spirulina was conducted in the early 1990s with nearly 5000 pre-school children, confirming its rich protein, vitamin A and iron contents. During the trial, Spirulina was blended in different south Indian dishes with due care in order to make the food tasty and palatable to pre-school children.


The technology to make it as dry powder, formulation, packing and quality control was fully disbursed by MCRC. The Centre along with Dept. of Biotechnology, New Delhi, built the world's first decentralized Spirulina production facility in Gujarat, besides, assisting in rehabilitating the earthquake stricken villagers of Latur, Maharashtra by training the rural people, especially women, on backyard cultivation of Spirulina for their own use as nutrient rich food as well as income generation. All these contributions have won us the much coveted NRDC President of India Award in 1991.