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Humic acid (HA) is a major and vital compound of soil and it plays a key role in retaining the soil nutrients. Its is a natural plant growth stimulant, increases bioavailability of nutrients to plants, which are otherwise not be available and thus, improves plant growth & metabolism. HA is a negatively charged big molecule that attracts the cations (such as Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, and other trace minerals essential for plants) to them and make them bind to it. Its cation exchange capacity (CEC) is a unique and highly beneficial feature. Thus, the presence of HA, unlocks the nutrients from soil and made available to plants through their root system. As foliar spray too, HA enhances the nutrient uptake by plants by increasing the cell wall permeability and thus, improving plant growth and yield.


Vitamate is the brand name of HA-rich product developed by MCRC that helps in the replenishment of soil nutrients through enhanced microbial activity and degradation of agricultural residues in the land. A production process was standardized by using cow dung, fresh plant biomass and biodynamic preparations. It can be easily produced through liquid state fermentation of agricultural waste in 45 days.

The large scale demonstration was conducted on use of Vitamate as foliar spray in different crops like paddy, groundnut, sesame, blackgram and vegetables in farmers' fields. The enhancement in the yield of all the crops in all the fields was observed, which ranges between 10 – 25%.